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Grow and dominate as a hurricane in this MMO weather strategy game. Destroy and absorb opponents while navigating warm waters.

Are you ready to experience the power of a hurricane? The game challenges players to become a massive hurricane in a massively multiplayer online .io weather strategy game. As a player, you need to navigate warm waters, use hurricane skills and abilities, and cause destruction and death wherever possible to grow your hurricane. The game is all about survival and strategy. The bigger your hurricane gets, the more powerful it becomes, and the more destruction it can cause. At the beginning of the match, players start as an inconspicuous cloud, which gradually grows into a super hurricane. However, other hurricanes in the game will challenge and try to swallow you, so it's essential to gain energy from the elements like air and water to stay strong and grow faster. The game is set in the perfect environment for hurricanes – the sea – and players will lose energy on land. The Hurricane Growth System includes four different variables that you need to keep an eye on to grow and sustain your hurricane: Clouds, Red balls, Green balls, and Blue balls. Each of these variables reflects different aspects such as hurricane wind speed, movement speed, hurricane stability, and energy absorption. One unique feature of the game is its Symbol System. Destroy other hurricanes to accumulate power and acquire symbols that contain different skills according to the constellation (zodiac) and the four elements. These skills can be crucial in reducing damage and staying alive. The game features real-world hurricanes data from JTWC & NHC, providing a real-time tracking and forecast for an immersive gaming experience. The game offers a live mode, survivor mode, party mode, and offline mode to give players the flexibility to play according to their preferences. In conclusion, if you're looking for a unique, challenging, and immersive massively multiplayer online .io weather strategy game that challenges your survival skills and provides an opportunity to experience the power of a hurricane, this game is perfect for you. Visit the official discord at, make new friends to play with, and enjoy the game!
Release date
Oct 18, 2017

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GROWING a MAX SIZE HURRICANE TORNADO in Hurricane.ioFady - Play Now - Massively Multiplayer Online .IO Gamedevclied


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