Hunter Legends of Dungeon

Hunter Legends of Dungeon

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Embark on an epic clash adventure, use powerful weapons to defeat skeletons and find your way out in this dungeon fighting game.

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Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in the Dungeon of Legends? This action-packed RPG game will take you on a thrilling journey to fight with swords and conquer the donjon quest to rule the kingdom. After your kingdom has been attacked by skeletons and your people are in danger, the king has chosen you to bring peace. You must be a legend hunter and take part in an alliance battle in this fantasy MMORPG to save your kingdom. Fight with all your might using weapons such as powerful blades and rings, in these medieval and sword fighting games.

As you face this survival mission, be brave and find a way out of the dungeon. Experience multiple levels with different fights and challenges. From the moment you are trapped in the dungeon, your mission begins! You will need to kill the guard and run away from the skeletons to escape. Find the pulley, open the door, and grab your sword for an extreme action-packed adventure. As the iron hero, use multiple weapons to defeat your enemies and be the part of medieval fighting and action games to conquer the Dungeon of Legends.

Enjoy the stunning animations and sound effects of this MMORPG game. With high-quality graphics, you'll feel like a master of weapon fighting. You will have an amazing time engaging in the clash with legends in alliance battle, defeating enemies to rule the kingdom. Be the new king in the battle of kingdoms as a donjon hunter.

This game has numerous features that you will love. Cave levels are filled with full-on action and fighting. There are multiple skeletons to defeat and plenty of weapons to fight with your enemies. Complete multiple quests and achievements, and earn cash to level up. You can also Enchant, Reform, and collect valuable items in this abundant new world to explore. Get ready to enter the Dungeon of Legends and become the ultimate legend hunter!
MRG - Racing Action Games
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