GamesHow to Get Espers

Game overview

How to Get Espers is a superpower action visual novel with a focus on "seeing," where the player's choices determine the story and ending.

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Murphy, a character with the ability to see things at the speed of light, is caught up in peculiar events and encounters espers, which leads to a chase and a massive brawl in the middle of a date. When asked to elaborate, Murphy reveals that someone wanted them to teach with their body.

"How to Get Espers" is an action-packed story game with the main theme being "seeing." The game's unique visual aspects offer a completely immersive experience that's unlike any text-based game before it. The protagonist faces a conflict between their desires and limitations while discovering new perspectives and building relationships with diverse characters.

This graphic novel-style game offers an easy-to-play chat-style UI and allows players to choose from various options that determine the story and ending. Furthermore, there are side stories that delve into the lives of supporting characters.

"How to Get Espers" is perfect for players who enjoy indie games, story games, and easy games. Fans of light novels, mystery, and chatting games will also find it engrossing. This game is a great choice if you're looking for a unique and immersive experience that sets it apart from the average story game.
Release date
Nov 20, 2023