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Houchi City

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Become a mayor and build your own city with over 52 different types of buildings. An easy and free game to play.

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Become a mayor and create your own city in this simple idle game! Idle City lets you develop your city through a free-to-play urban development simulation that you can play to kill time. Whether you want to aim for efficient city development or take your time observing how your city grows, the possibilities for enjoying this game are endless.

As the mayor of this city, you can build any building you like, whether it's a house, commercial facility, public facility, or special building. Each building has its own role to play. Build more houses to increase the population of the city. As the population grows, your city will level up and you will acquire new land. You can aim for being the world's most populous city by building lots of houses.

To construct buildings, you need money. Build more commercial facilities to raise taxes. You will receive a higher tax revenue as you collect more taxes. You can also boost your city's reputation by constructing public facilities. The reputation goes up as the city facilities grow, so if you're impatient, you will enjoy the faster growth speed of these buildings.

Special buildings in this game come with incredible abilities, which will be a delightful surprise for you to discover. There are 52 different types of buildings you can collect in the game, so try to collect them all.

As the mayor, you will also have a secretary at your side, and you can take advantage of various convenient functions by pressing the phone button.

All the buildings in this game will increase their individual statuses automatically while you leave them alone. You can build various types of buildings for fun and create your own unique city. This easy idle game is perfect for relaxing during your free time. The easy controls allow you to make your own city, and because it's completely free, anyone can play it anytime.
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