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Negotiate with hostage takers using cards and dice in Hostage Negotiator. Save lives, decrease threat levels and build your hand to avoid threats.

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Get ready for an intense virtual experience as you step into the shoes of a law enforcement agent tasked with rescuing hostages from the ruthless clutches of a dangerous criminal with Hostage Negotiator, the board game by AJ Porfirio and Van Ryder Games, now available as an official app.

Engage in heart-stopping conversations with the hostage taker each turn as you strategize and play cards to increase conversation points, decrease threat levels, and free hostages. With its unique "hand-building" mechanism, you won't be left wondering when essential cards will turn up like in typical deck-building games - you'll place purchased cards directly into your hand for the next turn.

In this game of high stakes, there are multiple paths you can take to rescue the hostages, but the villain has other plans. Will you try to coax them into surrender or buy time to organize a masterful extraction plan? How many hostages will you rescue from the clutches of the villain? Each game promises to leave you with adrenaline-pumping excitement.

Hostage Negotiator boasts four different villains, each with their own distinct personalities for you to test your negotiation skills against. You'll have access to an interactive tutorial to learn the rules and some basic strategies to help you get started. The app keeps track of a variety of player statistics, allowing you to monitor and improve your gameplay performance. Get your heart rate elevated and save those hostages in Hostage Negotiator.
Peter Kossits
Release date
Feb 09, 2018

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