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Hospital Tycoon

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Game overview

Build and manage a hospital for bizarre and humorous patients. Develop cures, manage staff, and improve the hospital's reputation in this medical simulation game.

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Get ready to experience a quirky and fantastical journey as you dive into the world of this unique hospital game. You'll encounter a variety of patients, each with their own unusual and even magical maladies that will test and expand your medical knowledge. From a patient with severe flatulence to a fever patient who burns from the inside out and even a food poisoning patient who grows mushrooms in their gut, you'll come across a wide range of bizarre illnesses that will keep you on your toes.

But don't worry, your ultimate goal is to provide top-notch service to these unusual patients. Build and customize high-end medical facilities and departments that can be easily dismantled and reconstructed based on the patients' needs. Your aim is to ensure that every department functions efficiently, increasing the overall utilization rate of your hospital.

As your hospital grows in popularity, you'll attract patients from all over the region, even attracting those with rare and unheard of illnesses. Use your reputation to recruit these patients, and watch as your hospital's prestige and earnings skyrocket.

As an administrator, you'll be responsible for appointing doctors with different skill sets, ensuring that the patients receive the best treatment possible. Don't be afraid to use your authority to fire inadequate doctors, making way for those with greater talent and ability. Properly arranging doctors in different departments can drastically improve the effectiveness of your hospital.

It's not all about medicine, either. Pay attention to your patients' emotions, offering solutions to their concerns to improve their overall outlook during their stay. And to sharpen your skills in-between treating patients, take part in small games that allow you to develop valuable and rare drugs, ultimately increasing your hospital's overall level of treatment.

With visually stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, begin your journey today as a medical professional in this one-of-a-kind game.
Friendivity Games
Release date
Aug 17, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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