Hospital Escape: Scary Horror

Hospital Escape: Scary Horror

Azur Interactive Games Limited
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Game overview

Hospital Escape: Horror survival is an asylum escape game, face your fears, navigate dark hallways, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets while avoiding a ghastly nightmare.

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Hospital Escape: Horror survival is an eerie game with a spine-chilling storyline that unfolds in an accursed and desolate house. You find yourself imprisoned in the creepy Ravencrow Asylum and your main aim is to locate the exit to flee from this nightmare-inducing abode. Yet, the task is far from easy. As you tread along the dark, ominous hallways, you will encounter your worst fears, confront the stuff of nightmares, solve various conundrums, and collect all the notes to unlock the clandestine secrets that shroud this place!

Remain mindful of the sinister apparitions that linger within. These phantoms will do everything in their power to drive you to the brink of insanity. Keep a close eye on your mental well-being and use a lighter to illuminate your surroundings, reassuring yourself of your safety, and thus, allowing you to outrun the horrors that besiege you. May fortune smile upon you as you take on the unnerving challenge of fleeing this asylum of madness! Good luck!

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