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Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror

Game overview

Horrorfield is a co-op horror game where 7 survivors must escape a psycho killer's lair, while players can also take on the role of 4 unique psychos with different skills.

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Horrorfield is an action-packed horror game that will send shivers down your spine. Compete with your friends in real-time in this frightening game of hide-and-seek. With the deadly serial killer on the loose, will you be caught or will you escape? You are the main character of a slasher film, just like Jason from Friday the 13th, be prepared to be scared!

Welcome to the monster's lair, where you and six other players, each with unique skills, such as the basketball player that can outrun the killer, the doctor that can heal themselves and others, the engineer that can fix generators, and the thief that can hide and be stealthy. You must band together, strategize and escape the lair where the psychopath rules.

Explore the haunted labyrinth full of traps and hiding places, but be careful, if you scream, the killer will find you! Keep calm and outlast the psycho-killer's advances by repairing generators and unlocking exit gates.

The multi-player survival game has everything you need to keep your adrenaline pumping. Join either four survivors or four psychos, each with unique sets of skills and hunting styles. Play as the Butcher, who breaks generators, the Cultist who escaped from a mental hospital and desires to sacrifice the survivors, the Ghost who can pass through walls and terrify the victims, or the Beast, hungry werewolf monster that turns into a bloodthirsty wolf.

If you are looking for a co-op horror game with 4v1 gameplay, Horrorfield is your go-to game. With a unique character leveling system and personal skills, you will be able to create and upgrade items at workshops, build a strategy, unite with fellow survivors and avoid the psycho killer at all costs.

This game has high-detailed locations with a frightening atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Horrorfield is a multiplayer agony horror game that will give goosebumps even to the most experienced players of serial killer games. Whether you are a victim or a psycho killer, you will have the most terrifying adventure of your life!
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Release date
Apr 23, 2019



Fun animation in the game. Not scary, but cool that you can play with friends or try yourself as a psycho killer)

pandochchkapandochchkafrom Skich app

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