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Horror School is a first-person anime horror game set in an abandoned school at midnight, with terrifying secrets, jump scares, and unpredictable decisions to make.

Welcome to the unsettling world of "Horror School: A Scary School Simulator Story," a spooky game set in an abandoned school at midnight, where players take on the role of the female high school students Sakura and her neighbor. They become trapped inside the haunted school after hours and must use their wits to escape the malevolent ghosts and frightening creatures lurking in the shadows. Equipped with nothing more than a flickering flashlight, players must navigate through the eerie dark hallways, classrooms, and deserted corridors, learning the secrets of the school's dark past. Play as the famous livestreamer that records horror video mods to make money and pay off online loans, and encounter a cast of chilling characters, each with their own terrifying stories. From creepy monsters to spooky clowns, from yandere grannies to toilet heads, from dead pocongs to white lady kuntilanaks, every corner holds a new nightmare waiting to be discovered. Use your ouija board from your teacher to summon vengeful spirits and try to survive the night by solving puzzles and finding clues to escape the school's cursed evil. But be careful, every decision and step could lead to a deadly encounter with the impostors. With its immersive anime art style, unpredictable jump scares, and spine-tingling soundtrack, "Horror School: A Scary School Simulator Story" will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Utilize stealth hide and seek to evade the malevolent eyes that stalk the rooms, and immerse yourself in the interactive dialogue with your friends, who will guide you through the nightmare. Customize your character with costumes gained from gacha and make your way through endless levels filled with mystery, zombies, and riddles. Each decision you make impacts the ending of the story, so choose wisely. Listen carefully to the voice, chat, and talk around you as you wander through classrooms, hallways, hospitals, estates, and forests. Discover hidden objects and unlock new chapters as you progress. Do you have what it takes to survive the night and uncover the truth behind the school's haunted history, or will you become another victim? Play "Horror School: A Scary School Simulator Story" in online or offline mode and prepare to be scared to death. Download now for free and let the horror begin!
Release date
Mar 14, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

I beat the game! | The ClassroomsPaylStation
The Classrooms - Horror Game [Part 1] (Dude, I'm Not Scared)VanossGaming


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