Honkai Impact 3rd

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Be the captain of Hyperion, fight Honkai, and experience next-gen real-time action with Valkyrie Quicksand in new major update.

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Are you ready to join the Hyperion team in this thrilling action-packed roleplay game by miHoYo? Get ready to embark on a journey through breathtaking HD cel-shaded graphics and ultra-tight controls that will make you feel like you are living the adventure yourself. With an epic storyline that spans across different worlds, immersive stage dialogues, and celebrated VA lineup, Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd: Desolate City Detective Edition promises to keep you hooked for hours on end.

Become the captain of the Hyperion team and assist them in the war against Honkai to save the Honkai-verse. Discover an array of cool features such as Valkyrie customization, base building, racing, shooting, and co-op raids that will give a whole new dimension to your gaming experience.

Joining a diverse cast of Valkyries allows you to increase your strength and feel like you're part of the team. Don't miss out on the new version content, including the new SP battlesuit Valkyrie Quicksand, who is a QUA-type Physical DMG dealer. She has multiple ways of inflicting Bleed Trauma on enemies, and all DMG dealt by her is Bleed DMG. Also, check out the new story chapter, Hailing from Nagazora, part 1.5 of Honkai Impact 3rd, which features a new game mode Desolate City Detective. Play to earn Crystals, Valkyrie Quicksand Fragments, and more.

Participate in other exciting events like Water's Hourglass, Meow Town Escapade, HOMU World Tour Championship, and collect items like ELF Water's Edge, Immortal Blades Uniform, Scorching Gravel Option, and Peachy Spring outfit.

Don't forget to also check out the latest equipment updates like the Chakram Twirling Glaze and Exotic Lamp set. With these updates, you can unleash unprecedented power and take on your enemies with ease.

Overall, Honkai Impact 3rd: Desolate City Detective Edition is a must-have game for action lovers. Play as Valkyrie Quicksand, spot cute kittens in Meow Town Escapade, participate in the HOMU World carnival, and enjoy unique outfits like Herrscher of Human: Ego's outfit Peachy Spring and Herrscher of Sentience's outfit Turn Up the Music. So, what are you waiting for? Go, Susannah! The whole Hyperion team is watching you!
miHoYo Limited
Release date
Mar 28, 2018
Single player


Shelbyfrom Skich app
Fun but repetitive
New Fresh
New Freshfrom Skich app
It's an OK game. Nothing new, same as all the other mmorpg games....
Monsieur Max
Monsieur Maxfrom Skich app
Good game
Aning Stwed
Aning Stwedfrom Skich app
I like this game
Your Nightmare
Your Nightmarefrom Skich app
Pretty good but still has some issues...
from Skich app
Прикольная игрушка
from Skich app
Прикольная игрушка
from Skich app
Прикольная игрушка
from Skich app
Прикольная игрушка
Bnowskyfrom Skich app
zed 787
zed 787from Skich app
Its a great game
Cilense hope
Cilense hopefrom Skich app
Игра классная. Хорошая графика для мобилы и управление тоже на высоте. Минус в том что весит игра почти 8 гигов. А так рекомендую...
Gabriel martin Aviola
Gabriel martin Aviolafrom Skich app
Pretty good
AshtakaReviewfrom Skich app
Nice graphics and if you need a waifu come here...

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