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Solve surreal puzzles in Homo Machina, a narrative puzzle game that explores the inner workings of the human body as a 1920s factory.

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Homo Machina is an ingenious puzzle game that takes inspiration from the revolutionary works of prominent scientist Fritz Kahn. Embark on a bizarre journey through the quirky puzzles of Homo Machina to gain insight into the internal mechanisms of the human body. The game portrays the human body as a colossal 1920s factory.

This narrative puzzle challenges players by immersing them in a unique system of nerves, vessels, and valves. The primary objective is to ensure that the body functions correctly by completing dozens of tasks throughout the day. Each scene dissects daily human activities, such as opening your eyes, chewing food or listening to music. The gameplay is intuitive and seamless, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game easily.

Fritz Kahn, an information graphics and popular science pioneer, is known for creating easy-to-understand analogies to explain the functioning of the human body. Homo Machina uses a combination of contemporary and traditional designs to showcase Kahn's theory. The game is full of clever dialogues between an absent-minded director supervising the body-machine and Josiane, his resourceful secretary, who encourages players to manage the massive armada of workers to get the factory running smoothly.

Homo Machina is another masterpiece from the creators of Californium, Darjeeling production. The game was co-produced and published by ARTE, a European culture digital and TV Channel, and Feierabend. Get ready to solve the extraordinary puzzles of Homo Machina and gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the human body.
Release date
May 16, 2018
Single player

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