Homo Evolution

Homo Evolution

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Game overview

Merge and evolve to populate your world with diverse creatures and personalities, from animals to modern humans. Choose from 4 paths and 8 stages to explore in this unique evolution game.

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Bring your own world to life and guide human evolution with Merge World: an addictive game that lets you combine two creatures to create a more advanced life form. Watch as your planet thrives with diverse creatures, ranging from simple organisms to unpredictable personalities. There are four different paths to shaping humanity, each with a unique set of challenges to overcome.

Start with the BEGINNING world, and evolve animals from spores to modern individuals. Alternatively, follow the path from the ancient world to the first citizens with the FIRST PEOPLE option, or create a creative Bohemia with SPECTACLE, where poets and party-goers roam free. Lastly, with BREAD, you can build a civilization with modified products in a world with pervasive natural degradation.

As you explore each branch of humanity, there are eight different stages to complete: from TELEVISION to POWER CULT. Explore each stage to progress to the next, and discover unknown worlds by tapping the last two life forms at each stage.

Start playing with a small lizard in the BEGINNING world, and watch as you combine creatures to create a more advanced form of life. You earn coins by clicking on creatures, allowing you to buy new species to merge. With an offline autoclicker included, you can evolve even faster while away from the game. Join the Merge World community to share your progress and stay updated on the latest news!

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Azur Interactive Games Limited
Release date
Nov 16, 2018

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