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Historia Battles Napoleon

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Historia Battles Napoleon: Turn-based strategy game of real historical battles, with low complexity and player involvement in the context. Deluxe version contains additional battles.

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Step onto the battlefield and dive into the world of Historia Battles Napoleon, a thrilling 2D turn-based strategy game that brings real historical battles back to life. Channeling classic chess and traditional war board games, this game has been designed with a focus on player involvement in true historical context, ensuring you experience fun and challenges aplenty, while enjoying the benefits of low game complexity and quick learning times.

Featuring a number of famous conflicts, Historia Battles Napoleon reproduces the following battles: 1798 A.D. Abukir Naval Battle (Trial), 1801 A.D. Marengo Battle, 1805 A.D. Austerlitz Battle, 1806 A.D. Ulm Battle, 1806 A.D. Trafalgar Naval Battle (Trial), 1807 A.D. Eylau Battle (Trial), 1809 A.D. Wagram Battle, 1812 A.D Borodino Battle, 1813 A.D. Leipzig Battle, and the 1815 A.D. Waterloo Battle. With the deluxe version of the game offering even more battles to choose from, this game is a truly epic experience that gets better with each passing moment.

Historia Battles Napoleon features a stunning 32-bit colour depth map that is tastefully crafted to immerse you in this historically accurate game. General picture bookmarks also serve to guide you through the chaos of war, while the Military Strategy View, which is based on the APP-6A standard, provides an unparalleled level of insight into the battlefield.

Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux via, Historia Battles Napoleon combines immersive gameplay with easy-to-learn rules. These include; the player being defeated if all units are killed or their home location is conquered; units sustaining damage when attacked from the side or rear; units being unable to move after being attacked; severely wounded units causing panic damage to nearby units, and units receiving +1 healing point for each turn when stationed near their home location. As you play, any unit that kills another will earn additional experience, attack, and defend points, and all life points will be instantly +recovered.

Requiring focus, bravery, and skill, Historia Battles Napoleon is a game that anyone can enjoy, whether you are new to turn-based strategy gaming or a seasoned veteran. So why not support the developers and take on the challenge today? Download the complete chapter to start your journey towards conquering history itself!
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