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Higan: Eruthyll

Game overview

Lead Gopher Troupe to reclaim reality from eternal nightmare in Higan: Eruthyll - a 3D RPG with dynamic instructions, gorgeous cutscenes and intense battles.

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Higan: Eruthyll is an engaging 3D-based combat RPG that beautifully brings fantasy to life on stage. The wonderful world of Planet Eruthyll is equipped with a range of tactics that are dynamic at their core, making for an exciting experience coupled with touching stories that unfold in fantastic cutscenes.

Board Shuttles Across the Worlds, Reclaim Reality
As the Director, lead your Gopher Troupe in a fight to overcome the Arrival of Fantasyland. Travelling via shuttles, rescue people from a deadly sleep state and reclaim reality from eternal nightmare.

Experience Magnificent Battle and 3D Cutscenes
Top-notch voice actors amplify the spectacular 3D cutscenes into a captivating audio-virtual reality fusion. The game throws a range of vibrant colours, overwhelming ult skills, movie-like ACT gameplay and splendid chase camera, creating an immersive and engaging gameplay environment.

Dominate the Game at Fingertips with Dynamic Instructions
Unique dynamic instructions form the backbone of a unique and engaging gaming experience. Using tactics in bullet time, you can dominate your opponents in an intense and thrilling battle scenario.

Control the Magic Tech, Reboot a Renaissance of Fantasy Art
Technological advancements with elements of magic create a distinct, unique art style. Indulge in the visual splendours like hyperspace, refraction of light, and all the other marvels that are in store for you.

Assemble Your Own Squad and Lead Them Against Fantasyland
Using various characters, from multiple classes and elements, to play inspirations of different themes, make for a personalised touch-engaging experience. Build a squad that suits your best style, rise against Fantasyland, and help Planet Eruthyll defeat the darkness once again.

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Release date
Mar 01, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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