Hidden World

Hidden World

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Game overview

Discover magical lands in The Hidden World. Collect items, solve puzzles, and explore a mystical adventure with beautiful graphics and original soundtrack.

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As you lie in bed that night, the peculiar sensation that has lingered throughout the day persists. The abrupt sound of a crash coming from another room awakens you from a dream of mystical realms, causing your heart to race and your eyes to fixate on the strange wooden symbols adorning the fireplace mantel. It almost feels like a beckoning.

You rise cautiously and switch on a lamp, slowly making your way to the source of the noise. Despite having spent time at your uncle's house before, it now seems unfamiliar and unsettling. The room is filled with an array of exquisite artifacts that were likely obtained on your uncle's mysterious journeys to undisclosed locations. Lying on the floor is a small, tiled box that has been forcibly opened. As you unravel the paper concealed within the box, you realize immediately that the symbols on the paper match those on the fireplace.

Rushing back to the bedroom, you scrutinize the symbols on the paper and methodically rearrange the wooden symbols to replicate the pattern on the paper. Each piece snaps into place without difficulty until the design is complete.

Suddenly, vibrant beams of sunlight stream through the newly opened fireplace, illuminating the dark room. You step back in amazement, gazing through the opening, where you see the breathtaking, magical world from your dream on the other side.

Taking a deep breath, you enter the portal and venture into a world unlike any other.

• Immersive and visually stunning hand-painted graphics!
• Multiple items to discover and an abundance of perplexing puzzles to solve!
• A unique and mesmerizing original soundtrack and nuanced sound effects!
• Keep track of symbols and clues with a comprehensive journal.
• Navigate the lands with ease using the interactive map that indicates both your current location and areas explored.
• Receive helpful hints within the game if needed.
• The Hidden World is accessible in numerous languages.
• Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices!
Fire Maple Games
Release date
Oct 12, 2013

Gameplay & Streams

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