Hidden Temple Adventure

Hidden Temple Adventure

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Game overview

Explore an ancient temple for treasure in this immersive VR adventure! Solve riddles and face challenges in a full 360° view.

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Are you itching to become a treasure hunter amidst the jungle? If so, gear up with your survival kit because HIDDEN TEMPLE ADVENTURE makes you the hero in a thrilling virtual reality adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. Race against time to escape from an ancient temple before you become its eternal inhabitant!

Immerse yourself in the classic point-and-click gameplay where you must collect and merge items to solve complex riddles and unravel secret chambers. Thanks to the stunning 360° view, you can venture through the temple's corridors with just the motion of your head, putting you at the heart of the action. Will you uncover the hidden gems and gold treasure?

HIDDEN TEMPLE ADVENTURE is accessible on all devices with 360° view, however, for the ultimate experience, it is highly recommended that you use virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard.

- Fully immersive VR adventure game
- Detailed and breathtaking 3D environments
- Classic adventure gameplay
- Straightforward and intuitive controls
- Total view of 360°
- Complete 3D Positonal Sound
- Accessible without VR headsets

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Release date
Jul 14, 2015

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