Hidden Object: Find a Diamond Eye - Atlantida Adventure Gold

Hidden Object: Find a Diamond Eye - Atlantida Adventure Gold

Tudorel Irimia
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Game overview

Find medallions, complete the map, search for Atlantis to uncover the legendary Diamond Eye. Enjoy stunning visuals and hidden object challenges in 10 levels.

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Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with the exciting game that was $0.99 yesterday, but is now completely free for the next three days! Can you find all four medallions that are located on different continents to finally piece together the map of the lost city of Atlantis? Victoria and Steve will accompany you on this journey as you take a bathyscaphe and an oxygen cylinder to explore the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

The Diamond Eye is the ultimate treasure of this hidden world, but a myth at best. What you will find, however, are a host of hidden objects, including fish, jellyfish and other mysterious underwater creatures that will leave you utterly captivated.

This game offers beautiful hidden object scenes that come with the challenge of uncovering sinister mysteries. There is also a helpful hint feature in the form of a silhouette, which can make finding elusive objects a little easier. With more than 10 levels and mini-games, you will be entertained for hours as you explore the depths of this amazing underwater world.
Tudorel Irimia
Release date
Feb 12, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

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