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Game overview

Command Earth, Martians or the Insectron horde across space in turn-based battles. Fight to capture objectives, defend bases or destroy foes.

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In the distant future of 2523, a huge wormhole appears on the boundaries of Jupiter's orbit. The devastating horde of Insectrons floods into the solar system, witnessed first by the E-CON Navy stationed on Jupiter's moon Titan.

Immerse yourself in this turn-based strategy game set across various worlds. With a broad variety of units at your disposal, employ the most effective tactics in order to defeat your enemies and minimise losses. As you embark on a variety of challenging missions, capture objectives, safeguard your base, and of course, eradicate the enemy!

Game Features:

● 6 Tutorial-based Missions
● 4 ‘Earth’ Campaign Missions
● 8 ‘Convex’ Campaign Missions
● 3 Factions - Earth, Martians (Humans), and Aliens
● Available in three levels of increasing difficulty: Casual, Standard, and Hard
● Three unit types - Normal, Skilled, and Expert
● Detailed Combat Analysis
● Map Zoom
● Flank Attacks
● Strategic Movement
● Game Centre Achievements and Leaderboards
● iCloud Saves

Additional Purchase Options:

● 8 ‘Mars’ Campaign missions
● 8 ‘Nova II’ Campaign missions

Earth Coalition of Nations:

E-CON represents the last remnants of human civilization on Earth after the Insectron Horde overran Earth and its colonies, leaving devastation in its wake. E-CON has established itself in massive militarized caverns and fights tirelessly to regain control of Earth from the Insectron invaders.

Aliens: Insectrons:

The foundation of all Insectron life is based on two highly advanced nanomachines. The first is Xenoaqua, which hardens into Insectron structures and armor by absorbing more Xenoaqua. The second is Xenophy, which is believed to be the 'brains' behind the Insectron machines' operation. The Insectrons follow a pack mentality and seem to share their perceptions on the battlefield almost instantaneously. Their perception of fear and instinct of self-preservation indicates individuality rather than a hive-mind.

Martians: The Holy Gravidus Republic:

Mars was the first planet Humanity settled. By the 22nd century, the settlement grew into a religious order, isolated for hundreds of years. While Earth burnt, the Insectrons occupied Mars with a much smaller force. While clashes did occur, the Insectrons didn't hinder the colony's progress. The Holy Gravidus Republic (HTR) emerged from the shadows and wiped out the Insectron occupation force. The HTR doesn't forget past injustices and now sees Earth as a target to reap revenge.

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Release date
Jan 07, 2016

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