Hero's Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG

Hero's Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG

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Game overview

Hero's Quest is a roguelite game with immersive pixel art and challenging battles. Choose heroes with unique stats, focus on strategy and explore the world to reach the highest levels.

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Get ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure as a charming hero in Hero's Quest which boasts an immersive world that's waiting for you to explore! You'll have to put your fighting skills to the test to climb the ranks and become the best among your peers. Your goal is to reach the highest level by winning battles, obtain plenty of gold coins, acquire new weapons and upgrade your equipment to improve your stats.

When you start playing, you receive 20 energy points (EP). Try not to run out of energy, keep your EP stable so that you can achieve higher levels in the game. Each time you defeat monsters and bosses, you collect gold coins. The more enemies you vanquish, the richer you get and the quicker you progress. Winning grants you more experience points, which in turn increase your level. As you climb higher in levels, your chances of defeating fierce and aggressive enemies increase.

As you progress through Hero's Quest, you'll gradually uncover your unique abilities and discover the most effective fighting style for yourself. The game has varied strategies and relics combinations to keep it interesting. It's rewarding to keep exploring new combinations and discover new magic.

You can choose from various characters to participate in battles that come with different bonus stats and captivating pixel-art skins. In Hero's Quest, you also get access to multiple passive skills to personalize and enhance your gameplay style. These skills are grouped into categories like offensive, defensive, or utility and players can develop their skills to suit their gaming preferences.

Hero's Quest offers you an immersive world with multiple areas to unlock filled with strong and powerful monsters. As you progress, the battles get more challenging and intense, and you have to defeat bosses with exceptional strength to unlock new maps, relics and equipment. Roguelite action in the game takes you through permanent upgrades as you unlock higher levels, making each gameplay easier, interesting, and more progress-based.

Choose your battles, focus on strategy, hero, and relics combinations since the game gets automatic, so you'll have to deduce the best fight tactics. More so, you can play the game with only one hand in portrait orientation, a perfect match for a fast-paced mobile game.

In conclusion, Hero's Quest offers an action-packed game with a breathtaking adventure that's best played on mobile games. You'll find yourself coming back for more as you battle through the challenges, unlock different areas, and progress through the game. Lastly, you can enjoy the game's awesome music provided by Aaron Krogh and the character arts by Ækashics.
Release date
Jan 02, 2021
Single player

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