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Action RPG with clicker game elements. Build your party, explore the world and kill monsters. No permadeath and optional reward video ads.

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Step into the world of this exciting Action RPG game that incorporates clicker game elements. Play as an active RPG or idle game player, with the latter gameplay still in development but already playable. Venture forth into the virtual world, explore dangerous dungeons, gather Heroism, form a strong party, collect valuable items, advance through levels, learn new skills, access upgrades and take down scores of monstrous creatures.

Although it may seem like a Roguelike game, death does not result in permadeath or any other punishment except a brief pause to reflect on your life choices and make use of death points. No ads will pop up to interrupt your gaming experience, as all ads are optional "Reward Video" ads that grant bonuses when chosen to watch.

There is one in-app purchase currently available, which enables you to receive the ad bonuses without viewing ads. This purchase also gives you greater control over which bonuses you activate, which then remain in effect until you choose to employ different bonuses. Don't miss out on this epic journey into the realm of Action and RPG - with an Idle twist!
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