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Rebuild Hero Park with over 100 characters, breed monsters, and solve quests to make the most magnificent town in the kingdom.

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Welcome to Hero Park, the enchanted place where mystical unicorns attract heroes for an adventure in your town. It all starts with you, your unicorn and a treasure trove full of gold!

Five years following the Great War, an elderly war hero and his loyal unicorn return home to find their town in ruins. Buildings are destroyed, the town is empty, and the dungeons are abandoned. You must reconstruct the town, repopulate the dungeons with monsters, and even breed new monsters at your leisure.

You get the chance to create an ideal adventure town with hardworking blacksmiths, bustling taverns, and incredible monsters that are entirely made by you. Meet and hire exciting characters with prowess to ride on the hero's gold coin purse, helping you to restore Hero Park to its former glory.

Hero Park comes with over 100 incredible characters, including heroes, shop owners, vampires, and unicorns. You get to design the city according to your taste and automate your production. You also create monsters for your dungeons, giving you the power to shape them as you please.

You'll be immersed in the magical, enchanting world of elves, humans, and dwarves, experiencing the intriguing story of the elderly war hero and his unicorn. You'll also have the chance to partake in various quests, where you'll loot valuable treasures.

However, your unicorn has a big appetite for everything, so you'll need to prevent it from consuming everything!

Still, have questions about Hero Park? Read through some of our FAQs:

1. How do I train the heroes?

Training is critical in Hero Park; you can increase the chances of training by having the hero drink an experience potion (yellow potion) before training. The odds of training will be higher if the hero defeats several high-level monsters.

2. How do I bless heroes?

Blessings are dependent on the race of your hero and can only be earned in the temple after healing them of any illnesses caused by undead monsters. Only one elf blessing is available at first, so it's essential to attract as many elves as possible to the village.

3. How can I recharge the unicorn's energy?

Charging the unicorn's energy is critical, and it can be reduced by tasks ranked daily (starting from level 10, which reduces up to 4 minutes), Santa's brother (starting from level 11, which takes 2 minutes), and by using the unicorn trainer (starting from level 20, which reduces up to 4 minutes). There's a possibility to produce unicorn food through Santa's brother, which you can use instead of energy.

4. How do I delete or reposition a building?

Select the building you want to delete, then open the building menu using the button in the top left corner. Click on "Store building," and if you want to move the building elsewhere, click on an empty area, and the building will move from storage.

5. Are there any employee improvements found exclusively in treasure chests?

Once an employee is on your team, you can find improvements in treasure chests at the same probability.

6. What's the solution to the "In your village, you need 10 cats" task?

It's a task best suited for level 28 since only then will the cats, which need love, be available. Have you ever tried tapping on a cat in Hero Park?

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Release date
Jul 31, 2019
Single player