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As the royal child, rebuild your kingdom while challenging your skills and summoning legendary heroes in this fast-paced RPG adventure filled with quests and dragons.

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Greetings, Hero! Thank the divinities, you have come back! The world that once existed has vanished. Estaria is currently being consumed by the powers of corruption. Yet, amid the deepest despair, there is still a glimmer of hope. As the royal child and heir to the throne, you represent the light of the future.

This grand adventure is an RPG in nature! Forge your own personal story, where you determine the fate of the hero and release them onto their path in this fantastic setting. Not only does Hero Legacy present an environment of previous-style roleplaying, but it also integrates modern creative techniques in mobile gaming. The pacing is fast but based on an enthralling expedition with several intricacies. Along the way, the hero will encounter individuals in need, making the adventure full of quests and side quests, often scrutinizing your abilities. But don't fret, as you won't be on this expedition alone.

Reveal the links between the past and summon the ancestors- renowned characters that will be your steadfast sidekicks, friends, and family. You will meet characters like Tallan- The Nomad, a traveling prankster who conjures new fables everywhere he goes. Alternatively, Pyria-The Firebug is as warm as a campfire and as annihilating as a firestorm- a pure embodiment of her essence. Additionally, Kiana-The Knight of Gaia, fortunate enough for unwavering strength and as unwavering as the earth itself. The further you progress, the more companions you will encounter.

Estaria is laden with magic. Once governed by the dragons- an intelligent and dignified breed. Humans now hold power, but this land is teeming with numerous secrets, concealed valuables, and age-old magic, all waiting to be rediscovered. Are you curious enough to solve the mysteries of this world?

Within this open world of adventure and mysteries, immerse yourself in a vibrant world of rich sound, music, and colorful visuals. The hero moves through a hexagonal map with unique surroundings and hidden pathways. Not only should you keep your mind and eyes open, but you also have to be a determined adventurer, as this adventure game affords you an open world and all the challenges that come with it. Let's not be concerned, for the ultimate expedition won't be impossible. Since you'll be able to tag along with a powerful dragon and journey on its back!

Each legendary character possesses their own element, which serves as the basis of their power. Your companions vary not only in personality and type of magic they can provide you with, but each of them also imparts their extraordinary talents to you during battle. Before engaging in battle, you will have to wisely choose your party members, considering the type of the forthcoming challenge.

As a royal descendant, you will rebuild the kingdom. You'll run into several ingredients and resources during your travels that will help you recover the magnificence of your native land. Initially, you will take care of your populace, and then they will take care of you. This is the trait of a good leader. Amid your adventures, you will be able to go back to a fantasy city, which will be your place to unwind, cultivate, and care for- it will become your home.

Many challenges are waiting for you, brave Hero! However, remember one thing. This is your time. The time has come for you to recapture your legacy!

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Oct 09, 2023
Single player

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