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Hero Dice

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Game overview

Multiplayer hero battle on your smartphone! Roll dice or use cards to defeat enemies. Join friends and level up to face tougher foes.

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Tango Gameworks, led by the talented Masashi Takahashi, presents their first smartphone game! With multiplayer support for up to four players, experience a brand new and exciting game of dice-based battle strategy in Hero Dice! Take control of heroes with different abilities and cards and face the challenge of the "board game battle of luck and strategy" as you decide whether to roll the dice or use a card! Think critically and make wise choices to prevail in battle.

Here's a brief overview of Hero Dice:

【Simple rules and easy to play for everyone!】

Roll the dice to move your hero and attack on the landed square. Overtaking a teammate's hero will trigger a link attack in support. The more teammates you overtake, the more attack opportunities you gain. Defeat all enemies on the board!

【Cards are essential for clutch moments!】

If the going gets tough, use cards to turn the tide! Wise use of various cards with a myriad of effects can lead to consecutive attacks or even significant recovery from a precarious situation. Create your unique combination of cards and gain an advantage against the enemy.

【Master your heroes' abilities and skills!】

As the game progresses, your hero's skills become available. Different heroes have varying skill types, so use them to unleash a one-hit-kill comeback!

【Upgrade your heroes and cards prior to battle!】

Both your heroes and cards are upgradable! Summon heroes through battles or summoning, and level them up. Advancing your cards also grants you additional advantage in the battles.

【Form a team and take on the battle together!】

Play with up to four other players! Multiplayer offers benefits that solo play doesn't, such as support cards. Form an alliance with others to overcome even the most challenging enemies. If you're in a team, you can challenge quests using only one person's stamina. So invite more and more friends for an exciting multiplayer experience!
ZeniMax Asia K.K.
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