Hello Cats!

Hello Cats!

Fastone Games
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Game overview

Collect and merge cats while solving physics-based puzzles. Use your drawing skills to catch naughty cats and build a magnificent palace.

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Enter a new world of cat-loving adventure and challenge yourself with a physics-based puzzle games that will leave you captivated! Begin your journey to feline glory at this newly designed cat shelter where you'll have the chance to collect and merge different cats. Cat lovers from around the world have made generous donations to support your efforts, so invest your funds shrewdly and erect a magnificent palace of delightfully unique cats!

Be on the lookout for mischievous cats that sometimes wander off and hide. To capture them, use your creativity and draw an adequate shape, then navigate the challenging terrain using specially featured objects within the puzzle level. With each completed puzzle level, you'll unlock more interesting devices, and earn massive rewards that help advance your progress.

Hello Cats offers a perfect blend of puzzle and collective gameplay, featuring these exciting features that make it one-of-a-kind:
1. Express yourself freely and draw shapes without restraints to achieve desired results.
2. Unique physics system and an array of devices add fun to the challenges.
3. Solve puzzles based on an open-style format, giving you the chance to explore and devise your own best solution.
4. Future updates entail even more exciting levels and amazing cats that you'll surely adore.

Embark on a journey to becoming the ultimate cat collector and enjoy solving puzzles in a fun and creative way. With Hello Cats, immersive gameplay and cat-filled adventure awaits.
Fastone Games
Release date
Aug 08, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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