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Game overview

Helicopter Simulator 2021SimCopter: a highly detailed rescue helicopter game set in realistic mountain scenery with strict flight controls, dynamic weather and physics.

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Experience the thrill of flying and the amazing world of virtual reality all in one exhilarating flight simulator! With Helicopter Simulator 2021 SimCopter, you will learn how to operate a rescue helicopter in the mountains and test your skills in the most challenging weather conditions.

Enjoy a highly detailed mountain scenery complete with power plants, airports, cable cars, power lines and hospitals that will leave you in awe! From starting the aircraft to using ropes and flares, our tutorials will guide you all the way to handling real-life situations.

Our helicopter was designed based on real-life specifications, where strict adherence to handling and turning on protocols is key. Train your skills on our simulator and become a pro, without the risk of being stuck in real life!

Pay attention to the RPM and altitude, as flying a helicopter is unlike anything else you've experienced. Our physics engine is carefully crafted to match real-world physics, ensuring an immersive experience.

Test your limits and fly in adverse weather conditions such as storms and low visibility. The perfect flight conditions are waiting for you in the mountains. Becoming a master rescue pilot requires advanced skills and perception, especially when it comes to navigating the mountainous terrain.

Incredibly realistic cockpit and controls that interact with the physics engine, generating an unmatched level of flight reality. Using your virtual reality headset, immerse yourself in a breathtaking experience.

Fly over mountains, transport passengers, cargo, and trees using your external rope attachment. The weather, wind, and altitude will all impact the behavior of your aircraft. Maintain complete control and fly like a pro!

Helicopter Simulator 2021 SimCopter offers a military mission mode complete with a machine gun and a wide range of advanced missions. Explore miles of snow mountains, lakes, desert landscapes, and living scenery complete with cable cars, VIPs, and employees on oil rigs and power plants.

Our team of aviation enthusiasts went all out to bring the best experience to life! Get ready for an unforgettable virtual reality journey with Helicopter Simulator 2021 SimCopter, designed to suit both the novice and expert pilots.
Release date
Aug 02, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

Helicopter Simulator 2021 SimCopter Flight SimeDroid Gaming
Helicopter simulator, Apache R44 joystick, x-plane 11, Startup VSKYLABS r44 raven 2 and fly.Apache Simulator
Helicopter Simulator 2021 SimCopter Game - Android GameplayAndroid IOS Cabogame
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