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Heli Monsters

Heli Monsters

SayGames LTD

Game overview

Survive and blast monsters in this action-packed shooter on rooftops, with unique outfits and weapon upgrades. Save the world from the apocalypse.

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Eliminate an intimidating variety of creatures and keep rescuing the endangered woman like a bona fide action hero 🚁


🚁 Step directly into the genuine action: There is a leader at every single stage in this insane shooter! Staying alive will not be simple, but delight and exhilaration are guaranteed right from the start.

🚁 The precise instrument for the task: You start playing using only one pistol, and there aren't many enormous creatures you can obliterate shooting one of those. Gain money in stages to upgrade your armament to something more fitting for the particular creature task in front of you, then switch between your collection of weapons to discover which is the perfect fit for every level.

🚁 Chic clothing: You won't only collect firearms, there is an entire range of clothing to win as well. Use guards and body armor for safety, or aquire clothing and accessories.

🚁 Employ the terrain: In theory, you can eliminate every single creature just by shooting, but when there's a group of zombies closing in on the prisoner or an extremely strong boss draining your life, it is sensible to explore to see what else you could use, such as fiery barrels or a crane in the face, for example.

🚁 Riot on the rooftop: These creatures extend above the horizon, which is why a large amount of the drama in this game unfolds on the rooftops. Neutralize the leader monsters before they wreck the city or continue firing to hold off the mutated hordes and provide the hostage time to break free towards freedom in the helicopter.

🚁 Utilize every single perspective: Rooftop levels alternate with tower levels in which your helicopter swirls around the floors of a high-rise building and you must eliminate multiple enemies through the windows. You will require accurate aim, double taps, and the occasional detonation to overpower return fire and survive until the base floor.

🚁 These creatures have companions: As if colossal abominations weren't bad enough, most of these boss monsters have pals accompanying them, so remain alert for who's sharing your sky and continue to fire quickly to make sure of your survival.


If you don't, it's time to find out, since this game presents an interminable stream of enormous monsters set on bringing destruction upon the world. You are the one and only person who can eradicate them, therefore download this insanely immersive shooter at present and initiate rescuing the world again and again.

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SayGames LTD
Release date
Jul 01, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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