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Hilarious turn-based fighting game where players control teams of hedgehogs using 55+ weapons to destroy opponents on randomly generated or pre-set maps.

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Hedgewars- Enjoy Explosive Fun!

Get ready for some action-packed and addictive gameplay because Hedgewars is the game that offers it all. Featuring mischievous pink hedgehogs with a bad attitude and powerful weapons, prepare yourself for an unforgettable time full of comedy.

This game is a combination of turn-based strategy, artillery action, and humor. As the commander, you must lead your team of skilled hedgehog warriors to defeat your enemy while navigating the terrain.

Each player has control over multiple hedgehogs. By using a range of different tools like Rope or Parachute, the hedgehogs move around the playing field. Throughout the game, players take turns attacking their opponents and using a variety of weapons such as Grenade, Cluster Bomb, Bazooka, UFO, Shotgun, Desert Eagle and much more.

As a result of the explosive nature of the game, the terrain will be extensively impacted. When a hedgehog passes over terrain, it will cause deformations on the landscape, leaving pits and removing terrain chunks. The game ends either when a hedgehog dies by falling into the water, being thrown out of the arena, or losing all of its health.

What’s more, Hedgewars is not just limited to solo play. With local multiplayer and optional AI opponents, you can battle it out with up to 8 players on randomly generated maps from over 31 environments. You can even choose from the available 48 preset image maps.

The game's customization options are immense as you can choose from a staggering 280 costumes, 32 graves, 13 forts, 100s of flags, and unique voice packs. With up to 64 hogs, players can have an intense combat experience that offers a bespoke gameplay experience.

With 25 game modifiers available, you can adjust almost every aspect of the game, allowing you to play your way. So, grab your hedgehog and get ready to enjoy a hilarious and explosive game like no other - Hedgewars!
Release date
Sep 16, 2010

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