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Heck Deck

Game overview

Heck Deck is a unique bullet hell card game with cute hand-drawn art style, 5 stages, dozens of cards, and 30+ enemies and bosses.

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In Heck Deck, you will find a card game that transforms into a bullet hell adventure, where the bullets are replaced by cards, and time moves only when you do. Across 5 stages, you will encounter a range of uncommon enemies and bosses, unlock numerous cards, and have a chance to visit shops to trade your cards for valuable health benefits!

Heck Deck will challenge your timing and precision during the bullet hell stages, and you must carefully strategize with your cards. Every card you pick along your journey will cost you at least a life point, and this is where your wit and judgment come into play as you decide which ones to keep.

This unique world of Heck Deck is a masterpiece of abstract and minimalist design, with each stage possessing its universe, music, enemies, and final bosses presented in an adorable hand-drawn art style.

Heck Deck possesses several features that make it stand out, such as the 5 different levels, each with its unique music and style, as well as the dozens of attacks and spells for the player to experiment. The game contains over 30 enemies and bosses, each possessing its distinct challenges. Furthermore, with the card purchase system available in the shop, the game's strategy ascends to another level.

In Heck Deck, the fusion of card use with the shrewdness demanded during the bullet hell moments is a genuinely unparalleled experience!
PID Games
Release date
Jan 10, 2022


Skich_User_27482from Skich app
Interesting idea, but gets boring fast....

Gameplay & Streams

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