Hawk: Freedom Squadron

Game overview

HAWK: Freedom Squadron is a retro arcade shooter with epic battles, online multiplayer, unique aircraft, and charismatic pilots teaming up to conquer the leaderboard.

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The sun disappears behind enemy forces, marking the perfect time for an aerial offensive. Join forces with your companions and allow your falcon squad to determine the destiny of the world in HAWK: Freedom Squadron, an arcade shooter that pays tribute to classic gamers. Experience the greatest sky battles you've ever seen in a massive war game. Prepare your sky force to engage in airborne combat and emerge victorious.

From fighter jets to dieselpunk contraptions, your falcon squad can choose between a variety of planes to attack dozens of enemies. BRObot companions, a plethora of weapons, and many upgrades are available to improve the effectiveness of your squadron.

While the top-down shooter feels both old-school and modern, the graphics are very colorful and vibrant. In addition, the pilots in the game are all heroes with lots of charisma.

Compete with others on the leaderboard and flaunt your victories in online mode. Invite your friends to join you in conquering your enemies, and have an exciting co-op multiplayer shooter experience.

Stay mindful of each plane's unique abilities, as auto-shoot is a permanent feature.

Prepare for the ultimate boss fights as the enemy ships are massive and ferocious monsters.

Don't miss out on this retro arcade-style shooter! You and your falcon squad must fight for freedom and dominate the skies. Follow us on Facebook for more updates and information. This game is published by UPWAKE.ME LTD and all rights reserved. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
Release date
May 15, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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