Hassle 1977

Game overview

Join Free Breath and fight IIC in the retrowave cyberpunk city. PVP, PVE missions, drift and street races, customize cars & characters and explore the city.

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Step into the retro-futuristic world of Baltic City and join the rebellion force, Free Breath, in this exciting top-down action game! PvP shootouts, PvE missions, street racing, online drifting, and other game modes await you, allowing you to showcase your skills and earn the respect of fellow rebels.

In the year 1977, Intellectual Immensity Corp. introduced advanced technologies that changed life as we know it. Citizens were required to implant a controller chip in their brains to access these technologies. However, some individuals refused to comply with this mandate and formed a rebellion force called Free Breath. The group has united in all cities and formed gangs to maintain their freedom and prevent IIC from controlling human consciousness. Several cities, including the Baltic City, have been placed under quarantine.

Switch between various game modes at any time, including elimination battles in the exclusion zone SIBIRSK-5, team deathmatches, and a unique Battle Royale-style game mode called Hustle Bustle, where data needs to be retrieved and sent faster than competing players. Enjoy street racing, drift racing, and other missions with game characters, as well as other exciting game modes.

Customize your character's appearance, vehicle, gun, armor, and weapon perks. Upgrade your guns and perks to improve stats such as flamethrowers, protective bubbles, and the ability to turn invisible. Choose from a variety of outfits, and improve your character's level to earn skill points. Cars can be refueled, repaired, and painted, and a detailed HUD displays your car's speed, RPM, and other important indicators.

Explore the strange and unique world of Baltic City, ranging from shops featuring foods, equipment, and cars, to cinemas, gas stations, garages, cafes, charging stations, trampolines, medical and police stations, and citizens walking around. Jump high or climb on rooftops and buildings, or strafe forward using space shift.

Compete for the top spot on the respect leaderboard, or improve your standing on gamemode-specific leaderboards. With a unique universe at the junction of the past and future, realistic car and world physics, dynamic day/night and weather cycles, gamepad support, and full cross-platform gameplay, show off your skills and style in this engaging world.
Limkernel Gamedev Gang
Release date
Oct 12, 2020
Open world

Gameplay & Streams

Hassle 1977 angespielt: Online-Top-Down-Action-Game mit Open-World [Deutsch Gameplay]wildfremd
Hassle 1977 - Open World Battles Gameplay (Android/IOS)Gaming Mobile
HASSLE 1977 Gameplay Android / iOSMike Fringe
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