Hard Rock Dice Party

Hard Rock Dice Party

Seminole Hard Rock Digital, LLC
Card & Board

Game overview

Hard Rock Dice Party is a new multiplayer dice game that’s FREE for everyone!

It’s fun, it’s a challenge, it’s an all-new social dice game designed to bring together family and friends. The Hard Rock Dice Party app is a unique dice game featuring an entire deck of cards on the dice!

This is the first dice game that actually feels like throwing dice! The Hard Rock Dice Party is perfect for fans of classic dice, card and board games like Yahtzee, rummy, hearts, or Farkle. Just roll the dice for your favorite card game hands, achieve your goals, have fun, and beat your friends!

Here’s how a Hard Rock Dice Party works:

- Roll the dice up to three (3) times
- Instead of dots, the dice have cards on them
- The player with the better rolled hand wins bonus points!
- Easy to learn and we teach you along the way!

The Ultimate Social Game:

- Cards and dice combined in a new but familiar way
- Challenge your friends and family
- If you like classic card or board games Yahtzee, rummy, hearts, or Farkle, you’ll love Dice Party!
- Compete with random opponents, get social, play with new friends from around the world
- Create a list of Game Friends and square off for the best record

With Full Solo Play, Too:

- Sharpen your skill as you learn to defeat three levels of challenges!
- Game Characters who play back instantly
- Collect achievements, play for trophies and experience points as you work toward new rewards

And That’s Not All:

- Play complete games to collect points and level-up prizes
- Collect achievements to progress faster
- Earn Bonus Hearts which are used for extra rolls
- Earn FREE game coins that you can use for competitions

But Wait, The Fun Keeps Coming:

- The Hard Rock Dice Party app has a quick-play mini-game mode
- Get social, play all your Friends, Family and Game Characters
- Stake coins for competitions

It’s a Fresh Challenge But A Familiar Experience:

Our nine special dice have 54 total sides and contain every playing card from a standard deck of cards…plus two Wild cards! The classic card faces are specifically arranged on the dice so that it’s possible to achieve every four-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, straight, and flush.

If you love Yahtzee, rummy, hearts, or Farkle and other classic dice games, then you’ll love Hard Rock Dice Party. And if you play rummy or other card games, then you’ll have a blast when you play this new game. Beat your family and friends, just roll the dice for your favorite card game hands, achieve your goals and have a great time!

Hard Rock Dice Party is FREE and fun all the way! It’s a unique dice game featuring an entire deck of cards on dice! It’s a perfect way to stay connected with your friends and family whether you’re together, apart or on the go!

UNITY by HARD ROCK® loyalty members can link a Unity by Hard Rock account to their Hard Rock Dice Party account to view their Tier Status and other Unity details in the game

COMING SOON: Unity by Hard Rock® loyalty members will be able to earn Tier Credits, Unity Points and more from exciting mobile gameplay!

Download the Hard Rock Dice Party app today!

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Seminole Hard Rock Digital, LLC
Release date
Jul 06, 2022
Card & Board
Single player

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