Hades' Star: Dark Nebula

Hades' Star: Dark Nebula

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Game overview

Explore and expand in the Hades Galaxy in Dark Nebula, with exciting PVE and PVP options and the chance to customize your own star system.

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Begin your journey of conquering the Hades Galaxy in DARK NEBULA, or continue the work you started in Hades' Star and watch your Empire thrive. DARK NEBULA takes the familiar in-game activities and introduces brand new ones, making building a Space Empire more rewarding than ever before.

Explore, colonize and customize your very own star system around the stable Yellow Star. As the most reliable star type, it offers a perfect environment to set up your permanent presence and establish your Empire's long-term economy. As a new player, you will start in your own Yellow Star system and expand over time to explore and colonize more planets. As you progress, you will also set up mining patterns, establish trade routes, and discover mysterious alien ships scattered throughout the Hades galaxy.

As a holder of a Yellow Star system, you have complete control over other players' access to it. By establishing good diplomatic relations, you can allow other players to send their ships to your system and establish reasonable terms for mining, trading, or military cooperation.

In the Red Stars, use your scanner to track nearby Red Stars to receive thrilling PVE engagement. These stars have a short lifespan of about 15 minutes, and the goal is to collaborate with other players in the system and defeat NPC ships. You will retrieve Artifacts from the Red Star planets and jump back before the Supernova. Research these Artifacts in your home star system to yield necessary resources for trade, mining, and combat advancements.

Experience a thrilling PVP action in Blue Stars, which are unstable systems that constantly collapse and only last for a few minutes. Each player can only send a single Battleship to the Blue Star, and you will combat using your ship's modules and other NPC ships. Destroy other player ships and emerge the winner.

Join a Corporation and take part in Team PVP in the White Stars. Corporations can scan for White Stars, and up to 30 players from two Corporations can battle in the star system for Relics. These Relics can be retrieved to upgrade the Corporation and provide additional benefits to each member. Time passes slowly in the White Stars to allow for strategy coordination. The Time Machine can be used to plan moves, communicate with other corporation members, and see potential outcomes of future combat.

Note that all progress in Dark Nebula will be temporary during Early Access and eventually erased. The permanent progress made in Hades' Star will carry over to Dark Nebula when it is fully released.
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