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Hack NET: Fourth installment of Hack RUN series. Hack into virtual programs and systems using old-school prompts. Gain information and track leaderboard score.

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Get ready for an exciting game! Welcome to the fourth edition of the already-popular Hack Run series, called Hack NET. Before diving into this version, it is highly recommended to play the initial Hack RUN game. Who knew that an ordinary request asking for assistance could turn into a deadly mission so fast? In Hack NET, you're hired to hack into a network, but once you gain access to the system, you'll encounter some shocking mysteries. Can you employ the uncovered information to do good? The game follows the old-school cues like DOS and UNIX, allowing the players to have access to virtual systems to discover hidden files, dig further, and track emails of users.

Hack NET introduces an updated interface that comes with enhancements, conveniently designed to give you a better experience:

To keep you engaged, the game offers an opportunity to earn achievements and compete on the leaderboard with other players.

The popup's functionality provides you quick access to essential content, making it super-easy to switch between different screens.

The new interface includes a customizable color scheme that enables you to choose from black, white and green, based on your preferences.

The in-built notepad is designed to help you keep track of the progress you’ve made and the areas you’ve explored.

Additionally, Hack NET introduces some exciting enhancements to make the gameplay more immersive and challenging than ever before. You can now enjoy:

> More “substantial” levels that lead you to the final destination.
> Access to new communication modes to "interface" with game users.
> More levels than other versions of Hack Run games, like Hack RUN, Hack Run ZERO or Hack TIME.
> The added 'font' command to change the font size.

If you find yourself stuck on a certain level, you can always use the 'hint' or 'answer' commands to get help and move forward.

Please note that Hack NET is only a game and won't help you learn to hack into real computer systems. i273 LLC does not support or endorse hacking.

Remember, after completing Hack NET, don't forget to try the fifth game in the series, called Hack WATCH!
i273, LLC
Release date
May 16, 2014
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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