Guru-guru Card Battle

Guru-guru Card Battle

Takahiro Ueda
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Game overview

Casual card game with quick gameplay (<30m) featuring battles based on card numbers &amp; elements in addition to building balanced decks.

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Experience an exciting and engaging card game that you can play at your leisure for around 30 minutes - perfect for a quick gaming session when you don't have time for a larger commitment. The decks in the game are determined by HP, and it's recommended to keep card-drawing to a minimum to ensure you don't become overwhelmed.

Turn up the heat in battle by aiming to play cards that have higher numbers than your opponent's. If your card beats your opponent's, you'll have the chance to destroy their deck. But be wary, if your card loses, you'll lose your own deck.

Choose your cards wisely by playing to your enemy's element if you want to win the battle. The advantage system means that you will become invincible and unable to take damage if your card has an advantageous element. You can also use cards with low numbers by taking advantage of element compatibility. Please keep in mind that only the player is affected by these rules.

Keep your eyes on the weather forecast and use it to your advantage. If you play a card with an element that matches the weather, you will receive a power-up +1. Use the weather match to keep your opponent on their toes, and deal some serious damage.

Each time you move forward, you'll collect a new card from your deck. Along the way, you'll also encounter reinforcement squares, which will provide you with some advantage in battle. Plan your path accordingly to ensure you make the most of them.

Take the gamble and draw another card, but remember, if your deck runs out, your game is over. Likewise, use the power up card strategically. It can be incredibly useful in the early stages, but in the later stages, it's often more effective to take cards from your enemy.

The shield card is a lifesaver when you need some extra support, as it increases the number of shields that can block enemy attacks.

Win battles to gain new cards and use your newfound collection to create a well-balanced deck. Keep a watchful eye on the situation at hand when making your choices.
Takahiro Ueda
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