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Join a group of Guildlings on a whimsical adventure to retrieve a magical object, navigate obstacles, and save the world.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure with your closest companions this summer. Explore mysterious caves, climb perilous mountains, and subdue villains of all kinds, including mischievous creatures, spirits, and even talking coffee makers. You may even prevent the world from disintegrating into chaos.

All you need is a mystical smartphone, but don't forget to read the details. Guildlings is a new story-focused, episodic journey that Sirvo Studios created, featuring Asher Vollmer (creator of Threes) and IGF award-winning Jamie Antonisse in addition to a passion-filled indie team. Its modern mobile platform tells a fun, coming-of-age tale within the structure of traditional RPGs, visual novels, and point-and-click puzzles.

Enjoy exploring handcrafted, low-poly landscapes, such as floating ruins, a tavern made from a wrecked ship, and “Makeout Temple,” a notorious hangout for teenagers at the mountain's peak. You'll have to use a chat interface to communicate with characters and make choices. Their reactions to your answers and decisions are fulfilling and comical. Utilize the Guildling's unique powers, linked to their demeanors, to playfully engage in turn-based battles.

With your Guildmaster's magical abilities, you can influence the environment around you, such as unlocking doors, opening chests, or even blowing up your father's favorite lamp with a single touch. Your Guild members' mood affects their magical strength, which ties together conversation, exploration, and fighting. Maintaining a happy group makes the journey simpler, but sometimes drama can lead to fascinating plot twists.

Don't hesitate if you have made it this far; turn on your Tome, meet your new buddies, and become the Guildmaster of this incredible adventure. Welcome to Worldaria!
Sirvo Studios
Release date
Nov 08, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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