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Guild Masters

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Create infinite unique builds as Guildmaster in this ethical, free-to-play idle RPG dungeon crawler. Customize and upgrade heroes to defeat enemies.

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Let your creativity soar with the boundless possibilities in Guildmasters. Combine a variety of items, skills, and heroes to produce an infinite array of interesting and unique character builds. Whether you prefer reflective tanks, evasive healers, glass-cannon attackers, or inspiring bards, the only limit is your own imagination!

One of the best things about Guildmasters is that it is an ethical free-to-play game with no lootboxes or gambling. Every piece of content can be unlocked simply by playing the game.

Guildmasters features idle turn-based combat. Players can select skills in advance and simply let their heroes do the fighting for them, providing a level of ease that will appeal to many players.

Recruit your adventurers from a collection of 21 unique and memorable characters, each with their own backstory and skill trees. Customize your heroes in any way you like with no level requirements or limitations.

With hundreds of items to craft, Guildmasters enables a high level of player customization. Combine items to create the perfect character build for your playstyle. Then, use your strategic skills to put together the ideal combination of heroes and abilities to defeat each enemy.

Explore a vast and mysterious world filled with challenges and secrets. Can you uncover the truth behind the events that are unfolding around you?

Guildmasters is an Idle RPG Dungeon Crawler that was inspired by games like Merchant and Soda Dungeon. Developed by our very own indie studio, Guildmasters puts you in the shoes of the master of your own guild. Send your adventurers out to fight monsters in dungeons, and they'll bring back loot and crafting materials that you can use to upgrade your heroes.

The game features increasingly puzzling fights as you progress, requiring more strategy and customized hero builds to succeed. It's an extraordinary, free-to-play RPG that is sure to appeal to players looking for a combination of fun and challenge.

Join the Guildmasters community on Discord and become a part of the action. Need to get in touch with us? No problem, email us at or find us on Facebook and Instagram at @GuildmastersRPG and @GuildmastersGame respectively.
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