GamesGreen Ninja: Year of the Frog

Green Ninja: Year of the Frog

Game overview

Play as a frog in this unique turn-based action puzzle game. Use Kung Fu to fight back against evil ninjas and complete challenging levels.

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It's the year of the frog and the festivities are in full swing, but danger lurks around the corner - you are the main course in a ninja's menu! Luckily, you manage to escape from their grasp, and now it's time for retaliation with your unstoppable martial arts skills.

Introducing a distinctive turn-based action-puzzle game that features Kung Fu elements. With a plethora of levels to tackle, you can expect non-stop smashing actions and thrilling challenges. And don't worry, we've got you covered with optional challenges to keep you engaged if you find yourself stuck in a level.

From easy puzzles to brain-burning challenges, we've got it all. Not to mention, the game boasts intuitive controls - with just a few swipes, you can move around like a true Kung Fu master. And feast your eyes on the cutting-edge pixel graphics that will transport you straight into the game's world.

As parents' peace of mind is our mission, we'd like to highlight that the game contains direct links to social networking websites, which are restricted to users aged 13 and above. Besides, there are direct links to the internet that may lead players to web pages outside of the game, as well as in-app purchases and advertisements of Nitrome products.
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Single player