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Game overview

Great Sword: A stickman action RPG with 160 stages, various monsters/bosses, upgrades, and time attack mode. Battle with strategy and timing.

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Welcome to the world of Great Sword, where you must break through your enemies with a single sword in hand and avoid traps to clear each stage. This Stickman Action RPG offers you the thrill of fighting unique monster and boss patterns, testing your limits with quick reflexes and skillful manipulation.

With 160 different stages divided into 5 zones and 9 core stages, the challenge never ends. You must rely on auxiliary weapons you pick up along the way to battle 50 different species of regular enemies and 20 unique bosses. Use fantastic action to overcome various traps and sudden dangers with precision and speed before destroying the statue standing at the end of each stage.

Alternatively, take on the Time Attack Mode and hang on for a minute in the face of unending turbulence. You must survive by defeating enemies and earning extra time, competing with others on the ranking ladder to become a true Ranger. Great Sword allows you to fully customize your character as you gather new equipment through in-game rewards or by defeating enemies. Choose from a wide variety of armor and swords to create your unique fighter.

The RPG element of character growth and equipment upgrades is also present, ensuring you stay engaged and entertained for the long-term. If you ever get stuck, find equipment from defeated enemies or upgrade your character through leveling up. Great Sword is always updating with more gear to acquire and objectives to pursue.

Great Sword offers you endless excitement and entertainment. Download and start playing for free today on Android or iOS devices. In-game purchases and advertising rewards are available, and customer support is always available if you have any questions. Get ready to master the art of the Great Sword and become a true Ranger!
Release date
Sep 27, 2019


someonefrom Skich app
it's ok. ACTUALLY IT'S SO GOOD but there is ENERGY which makes it SO BAD...

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