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Grayout: an aphasiac text game set in a medical dystopia. Simulates having a word on the tip of your tongue. A prequel to censorship game, Blackbar.

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Grayout offers a unique and essential gaming experience on iOS that showcases the power of games as a medium. Pocket Gamer gave it a 9/10, impressed by its significance. Gamezebo says Grayout is a game, an experiment, a narrative, all rolled into one. It's a simple yet poignant title with an underlying sense of dread.

Grayout takes place in a dystopian society with you playing the character of Alaine, a rebellious citizen of "The Neighborhood," a totalitarian community. After an accident or so she is told, she wakes up in a hospital research lab. The challenge comes in the form of her post-traumatic aphasia, a language disorder that renders the chats with hospital staff challenging. You'll feel the frustration of having a word on the tip of your tongue or knowing what you mean but unable to express it. The simulates makes you feel overwhelmed with runaway thoughts you try to stop.

Grayout is a game for textual adventure and interactive fiction fans. Prepare your mind for the challenge, and the emotions that come with the game. The Guardian declared it a marvelous game, while Sam Barlow of 'Her Story' suggests Grayout is cleverer and much harder than Blackbar. Be sure to visit "The Neighborhood" Hospital in the game for an unforgettable experience.
Mrgan LLC
Release date
Dec 16, 2015

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