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Gravity-based arena shooter with destructible solar systems. Compete in either multiplayer or Target Practice mode with unique levels and customizations.

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Harness the power of the gravitational force and get ready to engage in an explosive battle across destructible solar systems, with an aim to emerge as the last person standing. This game offers two different modes that can accommodate 1-4 players, as well as endless customizable solar systems to fight in.

In Arena mode, take command of your space station and strategize your moves by taking turns to shoot missiles around the gravity of stars, planets, and anomalies, thereby destroying your friends, bots, or both. For a more relaxed experience, players can choose to chill out in Target Practice by taking their time to plan the longest shots and beat their previous best scores in an ever-evolving challenge.

Players can collect points for hitting their foes but to truly master the game, one must learn to manipulate gravity to gain bonus points for the longest orbits in order to secure victory with style and finesse. It's important to watch where you shoot as some planets can blow up, resulting in a beautiful celebration of chaos and flinging asteroids all around, although this can also be used to your advantage.

Each time you play, you'll be presented with a new and unique destructible solar system that you can customize before each game, choosing the number of stars, planets, and even pesky anomalies if you're brave enough. The game offers players the freedom to play the way they want, with up to 4 players on the same device. Arena mode can accommodate 1-4 players and allows you to fight against bots or play with friends with pass-and-play. While Target Practice mode is a solo game that lets you beat your best scores in an ever-changing challenge.

Experience an infinite gameplay with uniquely generated levels, a customizable cosmos option, destructible planets, and an adjustable bot difficulty with a tango-rific soundtrack. Physics-based gravity fun awaits you! Try it now and become a Gravity Fighter.

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Release date
Feb 17, 2018

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