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Granny's House

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Escape from Granny's House with parkour, team play, hide-and-seek, battles, and crafting. Collect and customize characters and gear, and explore the metaverse.

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Dare to enter Granny's House and help free the trapped children without being caught in the ultimate escape challenge! Develop your skills and outsmart enemies to reach the last door of the mansion and uncover the hidden truth within. Granny's House includes your favorite modes, such as Parkour, Story, Hide and Seek, and Great Escape. In the PvE teamplay mode, form a group of teammates with different roles to take on the adventure together. In Hide and Seek, Survivors must disguise themselves as objects to avoid Pursuers until the end. But Pursuers must find all the hidden Survivors to win. In the Escape (2 vs. 6 Multiplayer Team Match) mode, Survivors must work together to escape within a time limit while Pursuers try to capture Survivors or prevent them from escaping until time runs out. In the Escape (Item) mode, double the thrills with items and skills to build various strategies to survive or pursue. Combine different skills to go faster and make the game easier in the Great Escape PvE mode, and defeat oncoming enemies to earn rewards for excellent play. In Red Light, Green Light mode, reach the end zone within the given time, and in the Battle Run mode, keep running until you become one of the last three contenders. In Ignition mode, team up with friends and light torches to escape or become Pursuers and capture Survivors by turning off the light. In Occupation mode, fight to occupy opponents’ points and rally your team to victory. In Infection mode, Survivors must avoid becoming infected by Pursuers and escape while Pursuers attack to take over Survivors' roles. Granny’s House also offers a craft option, where you can build your own map structure and game rules. Collect characters and gear to enhance and dress them up, and enjoy the endless fun of the Great Escape mode. Join the Metaverse Square community to connect with players worldwide and earn rewards by opening gift boxes and treasure chests, or catch the Mine Robber to earn bounties. Claim rewards and level up characters by clearing different game modes and missions. Download Granny’s House now for an unforgettable escape experience!

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Release date
Feb 20, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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