Grace of Letoile

Grace of Letoile

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Game overview

Steal Sertzes and control time in battle to make a wish come true! Become a Maschelle, and use Skill Plates and Gems to change the course of war.

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Immerse yourself in intense battles to capture Sertzes, the cores of automatas capable of granting wishes! The victory lies in the twelve digits inscribed on the Chronos Gauge.

Vedley, who suffered the loss of his parents in a tragic accident, learns about Letoiles from Achieitz that grants wishes. In order to travel back in time and rescue his parents, Vedley forms a pact with a Letoile and becomes her Maschelle. Together they head into battles to steal Sertzes from other Letoiles.

Stop time, bewilder your adversaries, and sway the outcome of the battles! But after it all, what destiny awaits Vedley?

Unique Abilities and Talismans
Talismans possess a variety of magical powers, and when equipped with a Unique Ability, they enable the character to use these magical powers or special skills. In addition, players can group talismans and enhance the unique abilities of the characters.

Furthermore, by spinning the Unique Ability, you can reposition the skills that correspond to the Chronos Gauge, as it makes sense for your gameplay.

Indulge your tactical prowess for each battle!
During the battles, character indicators display on the left side of the screen, accompanied by various effects. These are known as "Field Effects," and when there is a synchronized turn between those effects and a character’s icon, the character can benefit from that effect.

Not all of these field effects are advantageous; some can be really disadvantageous. Additionally, these effects relate to both allies and enemies. Nevertheless, by bringing the level of the Chronos Gauge to the threshold of 100%, one can carry out Interrupt Actions.
This feature permits the players to switch the characterization of the characters action, providing an opportune way to avoid unfavorable effects.

Chronos Gauge - the arbiter of triumph!
The Chronos Gauge is essential to allow characters to utilize their Unique Abilities, or to perform Interrupt Actions- an essential feature that switches the order of the characters' motions. Regarded as a clock, the Gauge shows numbers between 1 to 12, starting with a glowing number at the beginning of the game. Each subsequent action of allies and enemies advances the glowing digit a notch higher. Keeping track of the glowing number and using a power corresponding to it will trigger a Just Time Bonus, which restores the Gauge level significantly. Also, defeating enemies leads to a rise in the Gauge, although only by a small amount.

All the party members share the Gauge, so it helps to pay close attention to the levels while performing strategic moves and Interrupt Actions!

*This app comprises in-app-purchases, so there may be additional costs associated with accessing game content. However, it is nonessential for completing the game.
*The actual price may differ across regions.

[Supported OS]
- 2.3 and up
[SD Card Storage]
- Enabled
- English, Japanese
[Non-Supported Devices]
While this app was primarily developed for mobile devices released in Japan, it has undergone general testing on other devices. However, there is no assurance of compatibility with every other device.

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