Gothic wa Mahou Otome

Gothic wa Mahou Otome

CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD.
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Game overview

Shoot monsters with cute girls and love crystals in this authentic shooting RPG. Clear the highest difficulty and become the top shooter!

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A beautiful girl, exhilarating, full-scale shooting game"

"Please lend me your power!"

Far beyond the city of Ophelia on the outskirts of Zilbalarde.
A lonely orphan boy lives in a small abandoned church.
Suddenly, monsters begin to attack and 5 maidens appear...

The bond that will form between you and the maidens.
This is the story that you and your maidens will spin.

◆An Exhilarating Full-Scale Shooting RPG has Arrived!◆

A legitimate "beautiful girl" x "shooting" collaboration!
CAVE, who has produced numerous masterpieces in the vertical shooting game genre,
presents a full-scale shooting app.
Make contracts with cute beautiful girls and regain a peaceful world from the monsters!

◆The Crystal of Love! Love Max!◆

Get up close and personal with your beautiful girl familiar with continuous combos!?
Join forces and activate Love Max!
Defeat the monsters with an incredibly powerful shot!

◆Luxury Ful
CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD.
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