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Gorathar: a rogue-like deckbuilder with 200+ unique cards, 50+ monsters, and innovative pocketing gameplay for a captivating adventure.

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Join Hoodin, a daring explorer, in a thrilling journey through a magical underground labyrinth and unveil its enigmas with Gorathar, a cunning rogue-like deckbuilder game with a fresh approach. Gorathar's inventive gameplay sets it apart from its competitors, as you not only use energy to play your cards but can also hoard them for future turns, expanding your tactical choices. You will engage in turn-based battles where your deck and decisions will determine your victory or defeat.

Featuring over 200 exclusive cards, more than 50 distinct monsters, and an enthralling strategy, Gorathar is an exciting and gratifying experience that caters to casual gamers and aficionados of card games alike. Do not wait any longer to embark on the Gorathar adventure - challenge yourself with a game that offers as much excitement as it does tactics.
Guayaba Games
Release date
Sep 27, 2023

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