Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck

Gaggle Studios, Inc.
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Game overview

Goose, Goose, Duck? is a social deduction game where geese complete missions while avoiding malicious mallards and imposters. Customize your goose and play on different maps and game modes with sub-roles.

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Are you ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Goose, goose, DUCK? This unique game is all about social deduction and teamwork, as you and your fellow geese must band together to complete your mission. However, be wary of any malicious Mallards or other traitorous birds who may have infiltrated your team and will stop at nothing to thwart your efforts.

With private and public game lobbies available, you can choose the level of privacy you desire. Public in-game voice chat and the option for proximity chat in private lobbies allow for seamless communication with your fellow geese. Plus, there are loads of cosmetics available to customize your goose, including hats, shirts, farts, and pets. Have fun completing tasks to obtain materials for crafting cosmetics.

With over 5 maps, including the S.S. Mothership, Nexus Colony, Black Swan, and Mallard Manor, you'll always have new challenges to face. And with 5 built-in game modes, such as Classic, Trick or Treat, Classic+, Dine & Dash, and Goose Hunt, the possibilities for gameplay are endless. You can even choose from 30+ optional sub-roles, including the intriguing Dodo Bird, the Cannibal, and the Morphling!

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on the fun of Goose, goose, DUCK! Gather your friends and become the best geese team around.
Gaggle Studios, Inc.
Release date
Oct 04, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

Happy Valentine's Day! | Goose Goose DuckMithzan
Goose Goose Duck but I use the MIMIC role to spy on the Impostors | Goose Goose Duck w/ FriendsZeRoyalViking
AMONGOOSE mit CONTENT 🦆 - ♠ Goose Goose Duck #001 ♠Dhalucard
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