Gongpoui Sullaejapgi

Gongpoui Sullaejapgi

Sandbox Network, Inc.
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Game overview

Survive and escape the chaser in this intense PvP multiplayer game. Use skills and strategy to win. Will you make it out alive?

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Get ready for the official release of the thrilling game of hide-and-seek from hell! Check out the official lounge for detailed information and the latest events. Can you manage to escape the nightmarish world you're trapped in? The clock is ticking, and you are being chased by predators in this spine-chilling PvP multiplayer game. Gear up for an action-packed survival showdown, using diverse and unique skills to outwit your opponents, and terrain to your advantage. The player who survives, wins!

Experience heart-pounding and intense battles, and don't forget to breathe! The game features 2 vs 4 asymmetrical survival battles. Strategize a winning game plan to either eliminate or escape from your enemies. It's an adrenaline rush as you battle for survival.

Engage in heated battles between the survivors and chasers! Use a variety of objects and skills to move fast and outsmart the other team. Recharge your battery with your team members to escape or turn into a stronger predator to capture survivors, allowing you to climb higher up on the leaderboards.

Level up your favorite character to enjoy unique abilities and charming personalities. The popular character from the "Chongmyoungbang bang" series, and the original characters from the game of hide-and-seek, are all gathered together in this game. Fight with honor and thrill in the victory of the ultimate game of survival!

Experience this thrilling game for yourself! Developed by Sand Box Network, located at 30F, 17 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (04387). This game is approved as a supplementary telecommunications business and sales promotion business.
Sandbox Network, Inc.
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