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Game overview

Gomoku X is a strategy game played on a Go board. Players get an unbroken row of five stones, with varying levels of AI difficulty and online play available.

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Introducing Gomoku (Five in a Row), a tactical board game played on a go board, where triumph awaits the first player to place an uninterrupted series of five stones.

Renowned also as Caro, Omok, or Gobang, this classic game is played using Go bits (white and black pieces), laid out on a Go board, containing 15x15 intersections.

Experience the gameplay of Gomoku X on your Android device, during family game night or challenge your friends with AIs of varying degrees of difficulty. But stay aware as beating the strongest AI is no easy feat!

With each win against the AIs, you will earn experience points (+1 for Easy, +3 for Medium, +5 for Hard, and +7 for Expert).

Join an online community of thousands of players to engage in multiplayer matches!

Gomoku X presents you with an array of noteworthy features:
✔ Undo
✔ Save/Load incomplete games
✔ AIs with four different difficulty settings
✔ Timed gameplay
✔ Online play
✔ Zoom in and out

The Gomoku version available on this game is freestyle Gomoku, where a player simply has to create a series of five or more stones to claim victory.
Popoko VM Games
Release date
Dec 16, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

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