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Game overview

Gain a fake golden soul and uncover the mystery behind a magical cataclysm that devours the world while fighting magical creatures and former allies, in a story filled with danger and adventure.

Have you ever imagined being trapped in a magical loop for about fifty years? Unfortunately, the game starts with a tragic event where you find yourself stuck in such a situation and your soul dies inside, leaving behind a purposeless shell in the abyss. However, a mysterious magician comes to your rescue and grants you a Golden Soul that can extend your life, but there's a catch. This magical fake soul doesn't have any emotions, morals, or blood, making you insensitive to the world around you. Find out the secrets of your past connections to the world's magical cataclysm and how you ended up at the abyss's brink. The game's storyline is full of uncertainties, dangers, and adventure. Move ahead with the story, fighting against magical creatures, monsters, and even your former friends who have turned against you. Engage with puzzles, and learn the world's past, which will aid you in finding powerful spells and making history. Although the game has only one pilot chapter at present, it has plenty of content to keep you engrossed and engaged for hours. With stunning graphics and mind-bending puzzles, the game is sure to satisfy your gaming needs.
Release date
Jun 05, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

골든 소울: 데드 호프 (Golden Soul: Dead hopes) - 게임플레이 영상 [모바일게임]킷싱
Golden Soul: Dead hopes (Global) เปิดให้บริการในสโตร์ไทยทั้ง 2 ระบบเเล้วChannel M Game
Golden Soul 1: Jumpmaze Challenge (MAP16), a secret level on hardAlcar Kerlomesy


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