Game overview

Get rich in Goldcraft. Hire loyal workers, find rare artifacts, and complete Master Training to reset, but stronger. Tap away!

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Are you ready to embark on your journey as a gold miner? Look no further than Goldcraft! Start your adventure by tapping your way to riches.

Game Mechanics

Tap away at the mountains to mine gold. Utilize your dedicated workers to enhance your mining experience. Level them up to unlock even more powerful assistance. Equipment can be purchased to help increase the amount of gold you receive. Obtain rare and powerful artifacts to receive immense bonuses. Your workers will still mine gold even when you're not playing, meaning you'll come back to a substantial amount of gold for upgrades. When your progress begins to slow down, complete Master Training to reset back to level one but with additional bonuses to further empower you!

Master Training

In other idle-based games, a 'prestige' or soft reset system tends to exist that allows you to start anew, but with some additional strength. Goldcraft utilizes its own variation of this system called Master Training. Following Master Training, you'll revert back to claim 1. However, your global bonus and rank will increase, and you'll obtain Master Points. These points aid in enhancing your workers and artifacts. Essentially, they'll make your favorite workers and artifacts even more potent! You can reach Master Training by tapping the 'Master Training' button found under the 'You' worker.

Additional Features

Goldcraft holds "idle clicker" gameplay mechanics. You may tap the screen to mine for gold or permit your miners to retrieve it for you. Play however you prefer! Goldcraft is a free-to-play game; however, in-app purchases are available for your convenience. While everything within the game can be obtained free of cost, with enough time and effort, some folks might prefer to unlock certain features immediately through a purchase.
Release date
Jul 08, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

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