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Gold Bank" is a 2D shooter game that combines action, strategy, and puzzles. Play as a bandit looting New York's Gold Bank, facing dangerous obstacles in each challenging scenario.

Gold Bank" offers an electrifying 2D shooting experience with a blend of strategy, action, and thrill. In this game, you play as a sly bandit who has his sights set on looting the legendary Gold Bank in New York City. The game challenges your sharp shooting abilities and puzzle-solving skills at every turn, testing your mettle and pushing you to the limits of your abilities. Every aspect of Gold Bank is inspired by a realistic world filled with intricate detail and daunting obstacles. The security-cam-filled corridors, lethal lasers, comfortable chairs, and lush plants all contribute to creating a dynamic environment where every move matters. The game features six challenging scenarios, each designed to be more perilous than the last. From the Bank Entrance, where you'll require unbeatable reflexes and shooting accuracy to overcome security guards and reach the Bank's final vault, to the Computer Room, where you'll need to hack into the security system to navigate through the security alarms, and the Corridor of Death, where one wrong move will result in annihilation, players must confront an ever-increasing level of complexity and danger. It's in the Cash Vault and Gold Vault Undergrounds, where the real action is. The game brings forth intricate puzzles and elaborate traps that can confound the best of gamers, with only the most dexterous and cunning able to survive. And finally, it's in the Final Vault where you'll confront the powerful Bank Boss in an epic showdown. An adversary determined to protect the banks' fortune at all costs, this will require the best combination of skill, speed and strategy. "Gold Bank" is also available for Windows on Striked GmbH and will soon be on Steam. Onion Studios, a Brazilian company, developed the game, focused on creating unforgettable and striking games. If you want support, send an email to In conclusion, "Gold Bank" offers a gripping and thrilling gaming adventure. Players must use their wits, sharp reflexes, cunning, and analytical abilities to become successful bandits and loot the Gold Bank.
Onion Studios
Release date
Mar 05, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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Idle Bank Gold Bank SeasideHazwan Jaini
Gold Bank - Now available on Striked! #indiedev #games #gamedev #2dStriked


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